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The Decking (designed by Cobute) consists of ribs, zig-zag steel reinforcement, precast panels and polystyrene blocks which vary in size to suit each design. The design of the slab can be carried out by any competent Professional or Incorporated (Structural) Engineer. However, TeSik Decking can facilitate the full range of services that include (but not limited to), engineering designs, construction drawings and practical and final completion certificates to meet local municipal requirements upon request.>


  • Superb finish on concrete;
  • Easy to handle with no crane required;
  • Quick to erect/install;
  • Approximately 50% less concrete required;
  • Minimal shuttering and propping required for the installation;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • The own / self-weight of the decking is +/- 97kg/m².
  • The Decking system has a high thermal resistance (called the 'R Value'), which reduces the structure’s energy consumption. Depending on the height of the slab, the R Value ranges from 0.45 for a 220mm to 0.49 for a 250mm thick slab.
  • The decking system has a fire rating of 150 minutes, for a 230 mm thick slab.



The beams are made of shuttering that consists of two L-shaped beams, reasonably light (20-37kg per linear meter each) with additional steel, that is factory-fixed in the specified position. They are easy-to-handle and allow carpentry costs to be eliminated. Installation simply involves lifting into place and tying the two halves together using the protruding wire mesh. A six-meter long beam can be erected and ready for casting in ±90 minutes by six unskilled labourers with a reduced number of props when compared to conventional slabs.

Beam Advantages:

  • More cost effective than conventional cast in situ;
  • Easy to handle with no crane required;
  • Quick to erect/install;
  • Can be split along the length to allow for lighter weight;
  • Minimal shuttering and propping required and quick to strip;
  • Additional bottom tensile steel designed to suit spans and loads;



By using an adjustable template on the beam mould (designed by Shuttercrete), the pattern of risers and treads along the stair stringer was created to have an easy pre-cast staircase. The basic components are the same as those of the decking system by Cobute (precast panels and ribs). Every staircase is individually specified and designed to accommodate the project requirements.”

Staircase Advantages: 

  • The stepped side panels are precast to suit any combination of risers and treads using single adjustable moulds.
  • The beams are precast to include the landings and allow for any angle. This can be assembled on site utilizing, splice bars and concrete at the joint. This eliminates any irregularities in the sides of each riser or tread.
  • Easy to handle with no crane required;
  • Quick to erect/install;
  • A simple staircase can be erected, ready for casting in ±90 minutes by 4 unskilled labourers.
  • Once again, minimal shuttering is required.



The moulds, patented by Shuttercrete, provide for the casting of 230mm and 280mm square columns, which are 3 meters in length. The columns can be delivered to site and the installation simply involves lifting the columns into place over the reinforced column base, plumbing it and sliding in the required steel cage, as specified by the Engineer. Columns are ready to cast in approximately 30 minutes.

Columns Advantages

  • Easy to handle with no crane required;
  • Quick to erect/install. (e.g.: A 3m column can be erected and ready for casting in ±2 hours by 4 unskilled labourers);
  • Minimal shuttering required;
  • Outside face has an excellent finish due to use of steel moulds in the factory, thus making it easier to plaster.